How to Read A Label Series: Start Here

How to Read A Label Series: Start Here

You walk into a store or browsing through pages on amazon or your preferred website in search for the perfect supplement that will finally help you lose weight, get that deep sleep you wanted or add another 50lbs to your squat. You browse for hours and find your ideal product; a gorgeous label with shimmer and shine, claims supporting the goals you want to reach and its on discount so today was definitely your lucky day! 

Then a month later, you didn't reach your goal, wasted your hard earned cash on a product, feel duped and unmotivated to get healthier. 

Could it have been that you were so preoccupied by the marketing, the shine, the claims and the discount of the product that you were lead on to believe that a product that does't actually work was going to solve all your problems. It's an issue that happens to too many on a daily basis. 

Learning how to read the label will save you time and money when shopping for a nutritional product. 

There is a long list of essentials that you must learn in order to make sure you are buying a legitimate product from a people-first brand.

In this series of blog, I will do my best to tell you about the scams and loopholes in the industry that brands use to sell their products. They include but are not limited to:

(1) Proprietary Blends

(2) Active Ingredient Standardization

(3) Health Claims

(4) Amino Spiking & Nitrogen Content

(5) Efficacious Dosing

(6) FDA Registered Facility

(7) Protein Servings Per Scoop

(8) Other Ingredients Listing

I find these to be critical to share with you so that you can have clarity when purchasing and a base to navigate from when you do your online research and be able to distinguish the products that can benefit your health, regardless if it's BASE or not, and the absolute crap that many brands push onto you. 

Now you might ask why I find it so important to share this with you...

And that is because I was born into this industry. My family has, and still does, manufactured for some of the top brands on the market. I have been around this industry since I was 7 and It has become a responsibility, and a necessity, to speak out on behalf of the consumer. 

So please pay attention, because knowing these things can make you healthier (and wealthier).