Deep Sleep Solution
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Servings Per Container: 45 Chewable Tablets

Ultimate Melatonin-Based Sleep Aid

DEACTIVATE is a clinically-dosed sleep aid supplemented specially formulated with natural ingredients, including 2mg of melatonin and 350 mg of magnesium, that help you achieve a deep sleep with ease.

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  • 350 mgMagnesium
  • 100 mgSuntheanine®
  • 2 mgMelatonin
  • Made in GMPCertified Facility
  • Steviaas Natural Sweetener
  • MintFlavored

This relaxing sleeping supplement helps your mind slow down and disconnect from the stress of the day, allowing your body to reach a calm state to help fall asleep quicker.

  • Relaxes the body and mind to help reach sleep quicker
  • Helps you naturally drift off to sleep vs. being put to sleep
  • No lingering feelings or drowsiness the next day
  • Assists your body achieve quality REM cycles and deep sleep
  • Non-sedative

Unlike other sleep aids that contain sedatives and leave you feeling drowsy and groggy the next day, DEACTIVATE does not contain sedatives. It simply assists in your body’s natural desire to rest so you awake feeling refreshed and well-rested. Just take 1 chewable tablet 1 hour prior to sleep.

  • Deactivate Sleep Aid Benefits

  • Improved Sleep

    Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland that our body releases naturally to help induce a desire to sleep. With the sleep-enhancing benefits of melatonin included in DEACTIVATE, combined with that of suntheanine and magnesium for sleep, slow-wave sleep quality is improved while sleeping cortisol levels are simultaneously decreased, allowing you to get an undistributed good night's sleep.

    As this product only uses 2mg of melatonin as a sleeping aid and 350mg of magnesium, you won't feel groggy upon waking in the morning. L-Theanine, also included in the sleeping supplement, is a relaxing amino acid which is found in tea that promotes improved deep sleep.

  • Increased Muscle Growth

    Deep sleep is critical for muscle growth and recovery, and DEACTIVATE support this. While you're asleep, you provide your muscles with adequate time of undisturbed sleep to allow your body to recovery and grow stronger.

    When you weight train, your muscle mass tears and requires rest to strengthen and grow into stronger, larger muscles. Sleep allows the muscle recovery and growth process to take place, as well as rebalancing of your hormones to keep your mind and body at a balanced level. Additionally, magnesium is a mineral found in DEACTIVATE that is essential to numerous reactions in the body, such as activity in the cardiovascular system, metabolic rate, and bone health.

  • No Next Day Drowsiness

    DEACTIVATE stands out among other sleep aids on the market because it does not "put you to sleep", but rather primes your body for a deep sleep. Products that put you to sleep, also known as sedatives, shut down your entire body. When you take sedatives rather than a sleeping supplement your body is not able to perform many of its natural cycles throughout the night, including muscle recovery.

    Magnesium, melatonin, and suntheanine are all 3 non-sedative ingredients that serve as a sleep aid. This means that you'll get quality sleep by being able to relax, but aren't actually put to sleep with heavily drowsy ingredients. Sedatives cause you to be drowsy upon waking up, and make you feel as if you didn't sleep well, compromising both the quality of sleep and your recovery process.

  • Improved Recovery

    During sleep, the body goes into an anabolic state in which energy conservation takes place and recovery occurs. The protein hormone known as HGH, which is activated during deep sleep, also supports growth, repair, and maintenance of muscles and bones. Every tissue in your body refreshes itself quicker when you are asleep than when you are awake, and enables your body to better fight off infections as the levels of white blood cells increase to better defend the body throughout the night. With melatonin, suntheanine extract, and magnesium for sleep, you will sleep soundly and reap the reward of quicker recovery.

  • Deactivate Sleep Aid Benefits

in our

We don’t believe in marketing hype. We believe in quality ingredients derived from natural sources that provide clinically proven results.

All ingredients in the DEACTIVATE sleep aid supplement, including magnesium, melatonin and suntheanine extract are FDA-approved and backed by clinical studies to support efficacy claims and safety.

  • For Relaxation & Mood Elevation

  • Increases slow-wave sleep

  • Helps control your sleep and wake cycles

Every Dose
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Optimal dosage

Take 1 chewable tablet (one serving) 1 hour prior to going to sleep.

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Supplement facts

Serving Size: 1 Chewable Tablet
Servings Per Container: 45 Chewable Tablets

  Amount per Serving %DV
Magnesium (as magnesium Citrate) 350 mg 88%
Suntheanine Extract (std. to 98% L-Theanine) 100 mg **
Melatonin  2 mg **

** Daily Value (DV) not established

Other Ingredients: Sorbitol, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Citric Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Stevia, Spearmint Flavor

you feel

With an endless amount of contributing factors to why we don't attain restful sleep, it is incredibly common to wake up groggy and exhausted.
When DEACTIVATE is taken an hour before bed, you will feel your busy mind begin to quiet down as the specially formulated ingredients begin to take effect, allowing you to relax and disconnect from the day’s stress, creating a perfect mental and physical state to achieve deep sleep.

Healthy sleep is essential for a healthy life. BASE DEACTIVATE uses 2mg of melatonin as a sleeping aid supplement, Suntheanine® to help your mind and body relax, and magnesium for sleep ease, all combined to allow you to drift off into a deep, undisturbed sleep.

DEACTIVATE does not knock you out with heavy sedatives that result in feeling drowsy the next day. Instead, DEACTIVATE calms and relaxes you to help your body achieve deep sleep on its own.

The next day you will awake feeling refreshed.

More Transparent. More Data.
Better Results.

BASE was founded on two core values: transparency and quality. All ingredients used in our products are clearly labeled, have proven clinical data to support our claims, and are not hidden behind proprietary blends.

Our FDA-approved, clinically-dosed premium ingredients make BASE formulas shine - No proprietary blends. No fillers. No binders.

No other brand makes it easier to understand a clean label so you know the exact ingredients you are putting into your body.

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan

Why Deep Sleep Is Important & How Deactivate Helps

How Deactivate Helps

When it comes to workout performance or accomplishing your day's goals, quality sleep is critical for better muscle recovery, more strength and size, and more effective fat burning. With the magnesium, suntheanine extract, and 2mg of melatonin in this sleep aid supplement, you will rest soundly and reap rewards of proper recovery. When DEACTIVATE is taken an hour before bed, you will feel your busy mind begin to quiet down, allowing you to relax once you lay down, creating a perfect mental and physical state to achieve deep sleep.

With continued use, DEACTIVATE will allow you to better balance your sleep and wake homestasis, as well as follow the natural cycle of your circadian biological clock, resulting in more energy during your day and better deep sleep at night.

Sleep Regulation

Sleep is regulated by two body systems: sleep and wake homeostasis, and the circadian biological clock. Sleep and wake homeostasis is what tells us that the need for sleep is accumulating after being awake for several hours. It also allows us to stay asleep throughout the night to make up for the hours being awake. It is what creates a drive that balances being asleep or being awake.

Our circadian biological clock regulates the timing of periods of wakefulness and sleepiness throughout the day. It dips and rises at various times of day, determined by whether you are a "morning person" or a "night person". These dips are more intense when we are sleep deprived, explaining why it can feel so difficult to power through an afternoon following a night of interrupted or poor sleep.

Sleep’s Effect On Muscle Recovery & Appetite Control

Hormones are greatly affected by sleep. The pituitary gland, also known as the "master" endocrine organ that controls the secretion of other hormones from the peripheral endocrine glands, is heavily influenced by sleep. During sleep, hypothalamic-releasing or inhibiting factors may affect how well the pituitary gland can communicate to either release or inhibit growth hormone. Growth hormone is responsible for recovery when it comes to muscle mass.

Sleep also affects the endocrine system through the nervous system activity during sleep. The sympathetic nervous system's activity typically decreases and the parasympathetic nervous system activity increases. Endocrine organs are sensitive to changes in this balance. If sleep loss occurs, a process like pancreatic insulin secretion can be thrown off. The secretion of insulin is released by fat cells of leptin, an appetite-suppressing hormone, and can have affects on your appetite after loosing sleep. Though daunting, these impacts of loss of quality sleep are not long term and can be reversed in one or two nights of deep sleep.

One hormone that is greatly influenced by sleep is cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone, and the concentration of cortisol generally decreases at a rapid pace at the end of the day, shortly before habitual bedtime. The night following a night of interrupted sleep will slow cortisol concentration by approximately 6 times. Elevations of evening cortisol levels from chronic lack of sleep are likely to cause the development of insulin resistance, a risk factor for diabetes and obesity.


  Base Deactivate Luna Natural Sleep Aid CharaLife Sleep Zhou Drift Off
Proven Ingredients 3 Out of 3 6 Out of 9 2 Out of 10 1 Out of 9
Standardization Information Yes No No No
Certificate of Analysis Yes No No No
Efficacious Dosage Yes No No No
Proprietary Blends No No No No
No Third Parties No N/A N/A N/A

of Analysis

Our supplements are put to the test. Scientifically-backed, our guarantee states that our products are held to the highest of quality standards, and do not enable negative side effects.

* To view the certificate of analysis for your supplement, choose the lot number and manufacture date that can be found at the bottom of your bottle.

  • LOT: 39542
    MFG DATE 06/2016
  • LOT NUMBER: 39542
  • FORMULA #: B4042
Test/Method Specification Result
Appearance N.F.I (QC111-00) 3/411 STD Round Uncoated Tablet Conforms
Color N.F.I (QC111-00) White to Off White Conforms
ThicknessN.F.I (QC111-00) 0.335 ±10% 0.327
HardnessCURRENT USP ˂1217˃ 3.5 - 6.3 kp 5.73 kp
FriabilityCURRENT USP ˂1216˃ NMT 1.0% 0.307 %

˂ 1 %

Average Weight CURRENT USP ˂2091˃ 2600 mg ±5% 2596 mg
TPC CURRENT USP ˂2021˃ NMT 105 CFU/g ˂ 100 CFU/g

˂ 100 000

Yeast & Mold CURRENT USP ˂2021˃ NMT 103 CFU/g ˂ 100 CFU/g

˂ 1000

Salmonella CURRENT USP ˂2022˃ Negative Absent/10g
E. Coli CURRENT USP ˂2022˃ Negative Absent/10g
Staphylococcus Aureus CURRENT USP ˂2022˃ Negative Absent/10g

(as magnesium citrate)
350 mg 350 mg
Extract (std. to 98% L-Theanine)
100 mg 100 mg
Melatonin 2 mg 2 mg
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