Thermogenic Pre-Workout
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Serving per container: 90

The Ultimate Strong Pre-Workout Supplement

BASE ACTIVATE is a strong pre-workout supplement that increases energy, endurance, and focus so you can grind through your workout and turn goals into accomplishments.

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  • Optimal Dosage
  • 5Patented Ingredients
  • 100 mgAlphasize
  • Paradoxine & Lean GBBfor Fat Loss
  • 125 mgTeacrine
    (per 2 Capsules)
  • 5 mgBioperine

Specially formulated with a blend of patented ingredients for both men and women of all training levels, ACTIVATE energizes your workout from start to finish.

  • Increases strength, energy and endurance for better workouts
  • Maintains steady energy from start to finish
  • Improves mental focus and concentration
  • Helps increase fat metabolism and weight loss with thermogenic power
  • Non-habit forming. No banned athletic substances
  • Non-proprietary blend with no fillers, binders or artificial ingredients

BASE ACTIVATE delivers results, not unwanted side-effects.

Thanks to our non-proprietary blend of premium pre-workout supplement ingredients, you know exactly what you are putting into your body. All ingredients, including AlphaSize®, caffeine, tyrosine, and Teacrine® are clinically-dosed, lab tested and FDA approved. Do not exceed the recommended dosage as prescribed on the bottle label.

  • Pre-Workout Benefits

  • Increased Focus

    AlphaSize® takes the crown when it comes to what makes ACTIVATE improve your focus in the gym. Alpha-GPC, or alpha-glycerl phosphoryl choline, the primary ingredient in AlphaSize®, is known for its brain-boosting performance and positive effects on muscle growth and strength. It provides the body with choline, a nutrient used by the brain to produce acetylcholine.

    Acetylcholine is a critical neurotransmitter that nerves use to communicate and, in result, enhances the brain's function when increased. This improves the communication between neurons, and results in a more connected mind and muscle relationship.

    Concentration and focus are critical elements to a successful workout. If your mind is wandering and wishing you were elsewhere, the lack of presence will disable you from reaching your potential and seeing big results. Steady your focus and motivation with a strong pre-workout like ACTIVATE to put forth your hardest effort and it will pay off.

  • Increased Strength & Energy

    To get the most out of your workout you need to have a sustained level of high energy - anything else will only be subpar. Because of the caffeine and Teacrine® in BASE ACTIVATE, the supplement provides an immediate and lasting boost of energy to ensure your workout is as productive as possible.

    But a pre-workout supplement cannot be your only means to increased energy. There are some prerequisites that should not be overlooked: quality sleep so your body can rest and recover, and eating a healthy, balanced diet. Combined with a pre-workout stimulant, you can take your fitness to the next level thanks to the extra energy boost and increase muscle endurance.

  • Increased Thermogenesis

    Thermogenesis is the process of heat production in the body. Pre-workout supplements that enhance thermogenesis greatly benefit your metabolism by gearing up your body's ability to burn calories and get rid of stubborn fat. The thermogenic power of ACTIVATE comes from the ingredients, like caffeine and Teacrine® as stimulants, and allow your fat burning to be taken up a notch.

in our

BASE ACTIVATE’s specially formulated supplements contain a unique blend of patented ingredients that are all backed by clinical tests and extensive trials.

We don’t believe in marketing hype. We believe in results. And our clinically-dosed ingredients are proven to deliver significant pre-workout benefits, and ensure that you experience quick and lasting energy while maintaining focus.

Read more about the ingredients that make our strong pre-workout supplement so unique:

  • For increased mental and physical performance

    About AlphaSize®

  • For Energy, Clarity and Motivation

    About TeaCrine

  • For Improved Ingredient Absorption

    About Bioperine®

  • Trigger thermogenesis and decrease body fat

    About Paradoxine®

  • Endogenous L-Carnitine Igniter

    About Lean GBB®

Every Dose
Tailored To
Your Needs

Optimal dosage
Weight (lbs) 100-150 151-200 200+
Time 30-45 minutes before workout
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Supplement facts
Supplement facts

Serving size: 1 Capsule
Serving per container: 90

Amount per Serving %DV
L-Tyrosine 200 mg **
L-Carnitine (as L-carnitine tartrate) 133.33 mg **
Caffeine Anhydrous 100 mg **
Alphasize® (Alpha-GPC) 50 mg **
Theacrine (as TeaCrine®) 41.6 mg **
Lean GBB® 13.33 mg **
Paradoxine® 7.5 mg **
Bioperine® 1.67 mg **
Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCl) 3 mg 150%

** Daily Value (DV) not established

Other Ingredients: Calcium silicate, Organic Nu-Flow (Rice Hull Concentrate), Silicone Dioxide, Microcrystalline Cellulose and Vegetable Cellulose.

What you should feel

After taking BASE ACTIVATE, you can expect to quickly feel energized, focused, and ready to workout.
You won't be dragging your feet through the doors, but instead you'll be motivated and ready to push yourself to your limits with this pre-workout supplement.

You’ll feel a burst of energy thanks to the caffeine and Teacrine®. A patented theacrine extract found in tea leaves, Teacrine® has a similar chemical structure as caffeine, but without habitual affects. Combined, the efficacy is enhanced to deliver even longer lasting energy without the spikes. Tyrosine is also found in ACTIVATE, which will increase your alertness, energy and focus.

You will also start to feel your mind working quicker and with more intense focus and concentration. The 100mg of AlphaSize®, a patented Alpha-GPC ingredient, increases the amount of acetylcholine within the body. This means that you have a quicker physical response to your mental cues, which helps you to stay focused and feel productive during exercise.

With higher acetylcholine levels, your nerves that control your muscles will contract and quickly fire, allowing for stronger, more explosive muscle power. Don't be surprised if you start to break several personal records in the gym after taking ACTIVATE.

Alpha-GPC also stimulates growth hormone production, which equates to an improved ability to train with heavier weight. It furthers the spike of growth hormones that are seen during weight lifting, providing you with more power to gain more muscle growth and strength.

You'll finish your workout knowing you left your best effort at the gym. The trifecta of Carnitine, Lean GBB and Paradoxine combine to stimulate the white adipose tissue in the body, bringing on a harder sweat during your workout.

More Transparent. More Data.
Better Results.

BASE was founded on two core values: transparency and quality. All ingredients used in our products are clearly labeled, have proven clinical data to support our claims, and are not hidden behind proprietary blends.

Our FDA-approved, clinically-dosed premium ingredients make BASE formulas shine - No proprietary blends. No fillers. No binders.

No other brand makes it easier to understand a clean label so you know the exact ingredients you are putting into your body.

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan

How Activate Helps Your Body Reach An Optimal State For Exercise

It is critical that your brain, heart and muscles are in harmony when priming for a successful training session.

By taking a preworkout supplement, in addition to well-rounded diet, you can stay focused, train harder, and reach new heights by improving the 3 critical components of training success:

  1. The Brain

    Maintaining absolute focus with tunnel-vision is key to reaching workout goals. With the help of caffeine and other patented ACTIVATE ingredients that increase acetylcholine levels, your concentration zeros in on your workout.

    Caffeine, a natural pre workout stimulant and thermogenic metabolism booster, helps you burn more calories while exercising in addition to improving focus.

    Stimulants consumed during both shorter and endurance fitness activities, like coffee or tea, enhance your mental acuity and improve focus during your work out. Also, in the early stages of your workout, fat is used as fuel instead of muscle glycogen, allowing more fat burning to take place. Caffeine also supports weight loss by increasing the amount of energy your body burns throughout the entire day, even after you leave the gym.

  2. The Heart

    Maximized oxygen and blood flow are ideal for healthy heart conditions and increased endurance. Increased oxygen levels improve athletic drive and post-workout recovery. When oxygen enters the lungs, hemoglobin carries it to your blood cells and muscles. The more oxygen muscles receive, the more efficient they are during training and afterwards. Taking nitric oxide boosters and other ingredients like those in ACTIVATE that increase VO2 - the indicator of the maximum amount of oxygen you can take in - will help you have more energy to exercise.

  3. The Muscles

    Conditioning is key to support muscle contraction and create power. Stimulants in ACTIVATE, like caffeine, increase neurotransmission and allow your muscles to properly warm-up for your upcoming workout.

    When caffeine is consumed before a workout, it allows your muscles to endure a long, grueling workout at a lower level of effort. And during your post-workout recovery, stimulants help sore and tired muscles recover quicker and grow faster by delivering blood and nutrients to muscle tissue.

Taking too much of a pre-workout stimulant will get you too amped up, making you miss out on rest and recovery after your workout is completed. This is detrimental to your workout routine, because you will be left tired for the remainder of the day, and possibly even for the next day. Not enough pre-workout will evoke the dreaded feelings of being groggy and sluggish.

That's why BASE ACTIVATE contains the optimal dosage and has been vigorously clinically tested and FDA approved.


  Base Activate Old School Labs Vintage Blast Cellucor C4 EVL Nutrition Lean Mode
Proven Ingredients 6 Out of 6 4 Out of 9 5 Out of 7 4 Out of 11
Standardization Information Yes No No No
Certificate of Analysis Yes No No No
Efficacious Dosage Yes No No No
Proprietary Blends No No Yes No
No Third Parties No N/A N/A N/A

of Analysis

Our supplements are scientifically-tested and validated at our own manufacturing facility. Our quality guarantee states that our products are created with natural ingredients that are clinically backed, and are held to high-quality standards and do not enable negative side effects.

* To view the certificate of analysis for your supplement, choose the lot number and manufacture date that can be found at the bottom of your bottle.

  • LOT: 38667
    MFG DATE 06/2016
  • LOT NUMBER: 38667
  • FORMULA #: B3932
Test/Method Specification Result
Appearance N.F.I (QC111-00) #00 Veggie Clear Capsule Conforms
Color N.F.I (QC111-00) Cream Conforms
Average Weight CURRENT USP ˂2091˃ 830 mg ±5% 814.1 mg
DisintegrationCURRENT USP ˂2040˃ No More than 30 Minutes   15 min
TPC CURRENT USP ˂2021˃ NMT 105 CFU/g ˂ 100 CFU/g

˂ 100 000

Yeast & Mold CURRENT USP ˂2021˃ NMT 103 CFU/g ˂ 100 CFU/g

˂ 1000

Salmonella CURRENT USP ˂2022˃ Negative Absent/10g
E. Coli CURRENT USP ˂2022˃ Negative Absent/10g
Staphylococcus Aureus CURRENT USP ˂2022˃ Negative Absent/10g
Vitamin B6
(as pyridoxine HCI)
3 mg 3.06 mg
Alphasize® 50 P
(Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-Gpc))
50 mg 50 mg
Teacrine® pure 41.6 mg 41.6 mg
Lean GBB® 13.33 mg 13.33 mg
(Ext. of Grains of Paradise,Aframomum melegueta
7.5 mg 7.5 mg
L-Tyrosine 200 mg 200 mg
(as L-carnitine tartrate)
133.33 mg 133.33 mg
Caffeine 100 mg 100 mg
Black Pepper Extract (std. to 95% piperine)
1.67 mg 1.67 mg

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Questions From The Community
  • I take a pre workout drink spark. Can I take the pills with that or will that be too much?

    Hey, what brand makes the product spark?

    We would definitely suggets not to mix pre workouts together regardless. 

    Best Regards

  • Hi! I've used Base Burn and Carb Crush for a few months, ran out, and recently reordered more. When I did that recently, I also included Activate. I've only taken Activate 4 times, in which I also took Base Burn. However, in the last couple of days my appetite has been increasingly suppressed (awesome!), but then I also started feeling nauseated. I also didn't really quite feel energized for a workout yesterday, and ended up napping for a bit because of the nausea. I do understand that it could be a number of things, and not the products themselves, but I was curious if perhaps you have any tips on taking the products. I take Burn with my meal, should I take it before I eat? Also, I take Activate 3 1/2 hours later about 30 minutes before I workout. Should I give it more time between dosages? Do you think because Activate is a new supplement, that maybe my body is adjusting to it? Any feedback will help. I apologize for the long-winded questions. Love your product, and hope to be able to continue using it as long as I don't keep feeling this way. Thank you!

    Thank you so much for this, and no worries about length, the more descriptive the question the better! And also thank you for trying out products.

    In regards to burn, take it 30 minutes before eating, this is because the EGCG from green tea works better to oxidize fat when it is taken with foor and the 5-HTP will help with satiety once you begin to eat.

    In regards to activate, by no means should it be making you tired with the amount of caffeine, tyrosine and other ingredinets within. However, because they are capsules they do take a bit longer to kick in. Please take it 1 hour before a workout and let me personally know how it feels!

    My email is

  • Hi, i would like to know what supplements to take and when from your line, i work out 6 days a week and need supplementation.

    Thank you for the question! It really depends on your goals. If you want to gain muscle, it always comes down ott the stress you put on your muscles in the gym and the food your consume.

    For fat burning, you can definitely take both burn and activate, burn should be taken right before lunch, as it helps with both fat oxidization and satiety, while activate is a thermogenic pre workout that can be taken before a workout.

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