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Our mission has never changed

To disrupt our industry for the better. What makes BASE Superior to the competition is our transparency; so we welcome you to our facility.


When we set out to make products, we made two commitments;

  • The customer will get the best. That’s why you can see which ingredients we use and how much of each we put in. We want to highlight our suppliers & give them the stage; that’s why we dedicated a page to them!

  • We will be transparent with our customers. Be cautious of proprietary blends, it may mean that there isn’t enough of the active ingredients to actually make an effect on your body. We are transparent and share our formula; so any time you pick up a bottle, box, or jar from BASE, you’ll know exactly what’s inside.



One issue with the nutraceutical industry is that there has always been a stigma about the quality of the products and how they are manufactured. And even though I would love to tell you that there is nothing to fear, some brands play cheap games to increase their margins.

We don’t like that.
We aren’t like that.

BASE commits to delivering top quality ingredients at fair a price. With our experience in manufacturing and seeing what works, we are all about adding value to your life, not costs.

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We manufacture so you’re ensured top quality products from an experienced team.

We are in direct contact with suppliers and only choose the most effective ingredients so you will see results at a value to you.

We know where we came from and won’t play the big brands games to win your business; we will use our values and expertise that got us here in the first place and transfer that wealth of information & experience to you. 

We hope you give BASE a shot and we truly hope you enjoy what we have created!

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