Carb Crush

Cheat Meal Solution
Serving per container: 60

All Natural Cheat Meal Solution

CARB CRUSH allows you to indulge in the sweet treat or savory snack you've been craving without the worry of weight gain.

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  • Optimal Dosage
  • 2Patented Ingredients
  • Servingby Consumption
  • Chromiumfor Glucose Control
  • 60 mgDelphinol per Capsule
  • 100 %Vegetable Capsule

Carb Crush is a clinically-formulated cheat meal supplement that prevents your body from rapidly converting carbs into glucose, slowing down the fat creation process. So, with Carb Crush, you can enjoy a guilt-free, carb-heavy meal with your friends and family.

  • 100% Natural Maqui Berry prevents carbohydrates from becoming sugar and transforming into fat
  • Decreases fat formation during cheat meals
  • Prevents sugar crashes after a carb-loaded meal
  • Suppresses your appetite and makes you feel fuller, longer
  • No fillers, no binders, no artificial ingredients and non-proprietary blend
  • 60 Servings per Bottle (4-month supply)

The CARB CRUSH cheat meal solution is an amylase-inhibitor, which slows down the rate at which glucose enters the bloodstream. Just take 3 pills, 30-minutes before your next cheat meal, and enjoy a carb heavy meal with no weight gain and no guilt.

  • Carb Blocker Benefits

  • Supports Easy Weight Loss

    CARB CRUSH carb blocker pills slow down the digestion of carbs and starches, and in result, reduce the amount of calories that your body stores as fat. The all-natural carb blocker supplement will help you maintain your diet and weight loss plan even when you enjoy a carb heavy meal. And the pills help control your appetite too, so you can feel fuller longer. When taken correctly, and as part of a broader exercise regime, weight loss becomes easily obtainable.

  • Improves Glucose Control

    Thanks to Delphinol®, CARB CRUSH’s main ingredient and a patented maqui berry extract, the carb blocker pills inhibit the amylase enzyme and slow down the rate at which your body converts carbohydrates into glucose. The achieved slower pace that glucose enters your blood stream allows your body to more effectively balance your metabolism and control glucose levels so sugar spikes and the dreaded crash do not occur.

  • Feel Fuller For Longer

    When you eat foods that lack proper nutrients, like “bad carbs”, it becomes harder to feel full as your body’s crave for energy has not been received. Combined with the fact that it typically takes 30 minutes to feel full after a meal, carb loaded meals can lead to over eating and weight gain. But CARB CRUSH is formulated to make you feel fuller for longer thanks to its prevention of sugar crashes, which not only helps reduce over eating, but also limits carb-loaded weight gain thanks to the pill's enhanced metabolism control.

  • Improved Happiness

    There's a reason everybody craves carbs - they release happiness. Literally. When you consume carbohydrates, your body releases seratonin, the neurochemical compound that causes you to feel happy. So, when you allow yourself to take a break from your rigorously healthy meal plan, take a carb blocker pill and indulge in a meal you've been craving, it makes you feel happy. Plus, when you can look forward to a cheat meal however frequently works for you, it will help you stick to your meal plan throughout your "on" days.

in our

Unfortunately, there are many snake oil salesmen in the supplement industry, and we’ve seen and heard all their pitches. But more often than not, it’s just hype to disguise cheap and low quality ingredients that net the highest profit margin, but poor results. 

Our premium and patented ingredients, like those found in CARB CRUSH carb blocker pills, are what make our products the best on the market, not hype.  We use only the finest ingredients in our products and thoroughly put them to the test in the lab, in clinical studies and on the field, so that you achieve the best results possible. 

Check out how some of the ingredients we use work by clicking on them to the right!

  • For Reducing Fat Intake During Cheat Meals

    About Delphinol®

  • For Improved Blood Glucose Levels and Insulin Sensitivity

    About Crominex® 3+

  • For a boost of antioxidants and healthy aging

Every Dose
Tailored To
Your Needs

Optimal dosage
Weight of carbs (g) up to 75 76-125 125+

Time 30 minutes prior to a cheat meal
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Supplement facts

Serving size: 1 Capsule
Serving per container: 60

Amount per Serving %DV
Grape Seed Extract (std. to 95% Proanthocyanidins) 100 mg **
Delphinol® (Standardized Maqui Berry Extract) 60 mg **
Chromium (from Crominex® 3+) 100 mcg 83%

** Daily Value (DV) not established

Other Ingredients: Organic Nu-Flow (Rice Hull Concentrate), Vegetable Cellulose, Silicone Dioxide

What you should feel

When you eat too many carbohydrates your blood glucose levels quickly increase and subsequently quickly decrease as the glucose transforms into fatty acids.

This rapid decrease in glucose is what is know as a “sugar crash”, and makes you feel tried, weak, and before you know it, hungry again.

But with CARB CRUSH you avoid the dreaded sugar crash, and you can indulge on a large carbohydrate loaded meal without feeling weak or tired afterwards.

No Set Backs. No Excuses.

We have all been there. You spend the whole week diligently eating clean, hitting the gym, exercising hard, and fighting off the temptation to stray away from your diet and fitness regimen. Real results take commitment, and the last thing you want is to set yourself back.

Now when the weekend rolls around, you don’t have to worry about what you can choose from the menu. Simply take CARB CRUSH 30 minutes prior to your meal, and enjoy delicious carbs without the weight gain.

With CARB CRUSH, you won't feel tired, weak or hungry after a heavy meal loaded with carbohydrates.

More Transparent. More Data.
Better Results.

BASE was founded on two core values: transparency and quality. All ingredients used in our products are clearly labeled, have proven clinical data to support our claims, and are not hidden behind proprietary blends.

Our FDA-approved, clinically-dosed premium ingredients make BASE formulas shine - No proprietary blends. No fillers. No binders.

No other brand makes it easier to understand a clean label so you know the exact ingredients you are putting into your body.

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan

The Science Behind Carb Crush

Calories in food are essentially energy that your body burns through various processes like exercise, but also digestion, breathing, and basic bodily functions.

But when you consume more calories than your body needs, the body saves the extra calories in fat cells to be used later. This process is known as lipogenesis followed by triglyceride synthesis, which enables your body to efficiently store energy (calories) in the form of fats.

When you eat carbohydrates and digestion begins, your body naturally transforms the carbs into glucose by interacting with the amylase enzyme. Amylase helps digest carbohydrates and convert them into glucose (sugar).

Once your blood-glucose level reaches a certain threshold, your body releases insulin and converts the glucose into fatty acids. Fatty acids then combine with a a glycerol molecule to form triglyceride — aka body fat. The synthesis that occurs to create body fat requires a compound called glycerol-3-phosphate, which our body most commonly gets from foods heavy in starch and sugar (bad carbs).

As an amylase-inhibitor, CARB CRUSH slows down the rate at which glucose enters the bloodstream, thereby slowing down the fat creation process.

CARB CRUSH diminishes your body's ability to store carbohydrates you consume as unwanted fat.


  Base Carb Crush Bioganix Pure White Kidney Bean Irwin Naturals Sheer Block
Proven Ingredients 3 Out of 3 0 Out of 1 0 Out of 6 0 Out of 2
Standardization Information Yes No Yes Yes
Certificate of Analysis Yes No No No
Efficacious Dosage Yes No No No
Proprietary Blends No No No No
No Third Parties No N/A N/A N/A

of Analysis

Each and every one of our supplements are validated using meticulous laboratory testing that happens at our own facility. Our guarantee says that our products are made from natural ingredients with clinical backing, and that meet high-quality standards without any side effects.

* To view the certificate of analysis for your supplement, choose the lot number and manufacture date that can be found at the bottom of your bottle.

  • LOT: 37628
    MFG DATE 06/2016
  • LOT NUMBER: 37628
  • FORMULA #: B3693A
Test/Method Specification Result
Appearance N.F.I (QC111-00) #1 Veggie Clear Capsule Conforms
Color N.F.I (QC111-00) Brown Conforms
Weight Variation CURRENT USP ˂2091˃ As per USP Conforms
Average Weight CURRENT USP ˂2091˃ 440 mg ±5% 437 mg
DisintegrationCURRENT USP ˂2040˃ No More than 30 Minutes   ˂ 30 min
TPC CURRENT USP ˂2021˃ NMT 105 CFU/g 500 CFU/g

˂ 100 000

Yeast & Mold CURRENT USP ˂2021˃ NMT 103 CFU/g ˂ 100 CFU/g

˂ 1000

Salmonella CURRENT USP ˂2022˃ Negative Absent/10g
E. Coli CURRENT USP ˂2022˃ Negative Absent/10g
Staphylococcus Aureus CURRENT USP ˂2022˃ Negative Absent/10g
(as chromium picolinate)
100 mcg 100 mcg
(Standardized Maqui Berry Extract)
60 mg 60 mg
Grape Seed Extract
(std. to 95%) (Vitis vinifera)
100 mg 100 mg

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Questions From The Community
  • Side effects? Yesterday I took my second doses, my weight is 120 I took 4 pills but few minutes later I started to feel dizzy, now I'm on my bed I have a lot of vertigo and dizziness, I did something wrong??? Or maybe I need to take only 2 pills instead 4??? My chat meat included Nutella ice cream and condensed milk ( probably too much sugar)

    This product has no side effects so we definitely believe it was something else. Please try taking 3 pills next time (we realize there was a problem with the label dosing and its by grams in carbohydrates, not by your weight) and take it 30 minutes before your meal. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any other issues. Just know thta our products are from natrual ingredients with clinical studies and has no side effects whatsoever. Also try slowing down when you eat, it could have been too much food too fast.

    Best Regards!

  • Should I take 3 pills before the meal if I weight 120 lbs?

    There was a mistake with the label, it sould be 3 pills with up to 75g carbs, 4 pills up to 125, and then 5 pills above that

  • How often can I use these pills? once a week? two?

    It really depends on how often you feel like having your cheat meal! But having more than 2 cheat meals a week really isn't a cheat meal :D

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