How to eat an elephant

How to eat an elephant

Before you buy into any articles you read on social media...

Before you get into the gym, start sleeping correctly and cleaning up your diet...

And before you even buy any of OUR products...

There is only one thing you need to know and that is; "How do you eat an elephant"? 

And the answer is "one bite at a time".

Now this is obviously a metaphor; no way am I suggesting to prepare yourself to eat an actual elephant, but the purpose of the metaphor works in all areas of life and is important when making personal decisions like learning a new language, starting a business or getting into shape. 

  • You eat an elephant one bite at a time. 
  • You begin eating healthier one meal at a time.
  • You get a great pump and feel fit one workout at a time.
  • You add something new to your routine one week at a time. (More on this later)

And you have one successful day after another until you've "eaten the elephant", or put simply, you've reached your goal.

In business, when we're faced with projects that include cultural, processes and systematic changes we do not look towards the outcome of the project and what we expect to get out of it or how we should feel when it's all done; We make a plan as to what we need to do day-to-day and then implement that plan daily, not thinking about tomorrow, until we reach our goal, even if it means changing the plan along the way.


Now to verge off topic a little, I want to talk to you about how this blog will work


  • The name BASE Asylum came from the fact that there is too much conflicting information on the internet and sadly most people can't get a hold of where to start and are just rightfully confused and frustrated about what works and what doesn't, discouraging them to workout at all. Think of us as the doctors trying our best to get you back to sanity. We are here to help and we are going to give our insights from our experience and the best in the industry so that you know what works and what is just more internet click-bait. 

  • We will only be posting 1 blog per week because learning is about longevity; not about quantity of blogs on a site to get our google rank up. We only post once a week because if we post more than that the information overflow will not allow you to focus on one thing a week so that you can make true improvements to your life.
  • Think about it like this, if you can successfully implement one thing per week that will help to your physical and mental health, then you are adding 52 new habits to your routine!
  • We will be giving actionable challenges after every post that won't always be physical but will encompass more aspects of life so that you can also be mentally ready to go towards your goals and handle obstacles on the way.
  • Last, we will have a master blog, think of it as a check sheet, that we will continually update as we go along so that we can put all the actionable items on one place for those who don't want to read all our blog posts, want to review, need links to past blogs, and more!


So, with that said, are you ready to challenge yourself in ways you weren't expecting to be from a supplement company? 


Going to assume you said yes, so let's begin!


To get team members, clients and potential partners into the right mindset before beginning any project, I always ask the same two questions;


1. What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

2. Is it more difficult then going to the moon.


No matter what you attempt to do, these two questions must always be asked!

The first question attacks our fears, it makes us start with the mindset that we aren't going to fail, and allow us to dream about what the possibilities would be if we were to succeed. 

The second is to remind yourself that whatever you are dreaming is possible. The U.S. landed on the moon 47 years ago. In 47 Years, the information, healthy food, and quality products has become more easily available; Don't ever allow yourself to believe that your dreams aren't possible.

Ask yourself these two questions, print them out, hang them on your wall, put them as your screensaver on your phone, so we can prep your mind before you eat the elephant.