Non-Stimulant Fat Burn Pills

BASE BURN is a non-stimulant fat burner that uses thermogenic power to convert fat into an immediate energy source, giving you a sustained boost of energy without jitters.

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The fat burn pills contain natural ingredients, including capsaicin, forskolin and green tea extract that speeds up the body's fat metabolism while also improving appetite control, so you can lose weight and reach your fitness goals in a smart way - no stimulants, just natural ingredients that provide real results:

  • Increases thermogenic fat burning power
  • Speeds up fat metabolism
  • Delivers a sustained boost of energy
  • Improves appetite control
  • No caffeine. No jitters. No sweats.

By taking the recommended dosage once a day, one hour before lunch, BASE BURN will help you loss weight and preserve muscle.

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BASE BURN is a stimulant-free and caffeine-free fat burner, giving it a unique advantage by eliminating the worst aspect of taking a fat burner - getting jittery.

Contrary to popular belief, stimulants like caffeine are not required to make an effective fat burner. Many brands simply add stimulants to give the feeling that the product is working, but it's not what delivers results. Ingredients that support thermogenesis and lipolysis are much more important.

So, if there are no jitters, no anxiety and no sweating, then what will you feel?

You will find yourself experiencing a decrease in appetite and feeling hungry less often, yet still feeling more energetic to push through challenging workouts, and ultimately, seeing greater results.

Our clinical data drives how we dose our formulas and ingredients. Each serving of BASE fat burn pills will improve thermogenesis, lipolysis, lipid oxidation, and appettite suppression while leaving out unwanted side effects, like jitters and over-consumption of caffeine.

You don’t have to feel amped to lose weight!

No shakes or anxious feelings will result from taking BURN thanks to the fact that it is a non-stimulant fat burner. Caffeine and jitters are popular placebo effects - many think that you need to feel some sort of sensation in order for a fat burner to be working. But, you'll still reap the rewards and see fat burn away without any actual feeling or sensation.

Fat burning shouldn't be something you feel. It's a result.

More Transparent. More Data.
Better Results.

BASE was founded on two core values: transparency and quality. All ingredients used in our products are clearly labeled, have proven clinical data to support our claims, and are not hidden behind proprietary blends.

Our FDA-approved, clinically-dosed premium ingredients make BASE formulas shine - No proprietary blends. No fillers. No binders.

No other brand makes it easier to understand a clean label so you know the exact ingredients you are putting into your body.

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan

4 Ways Burn Helps The Body Burn Fat

  1. Thermogenesis

    Your metabolic rate increases through thermogenesis, which is the process where the body produces heat to burn calories. Thermogenesis is induced at the highest level by exercise, and when your body has increased thermogenesis, it leads to a higher metabolic rate that ultimately helps your body burn fat quicker. Moreover, natural ingredients like capsaicin, found in BASE BURN, help improve the efficacy of the thermogenic process when you are not exercising.

    Exercise-induced thermogenesis is when your muscle cells burn calories in order to provide energy for muscle contraction during exercise. This is the reason your body temperature rises during physical activity, as most of the energy supports the contraction while the rest is lost as heat.

  2. Lipolysis

    The body can increase the utilization of fat as a source of energy through lipolysis, the breakdown of lipids into glycerol and fatty acids, which are then used as a source of energy. This can be done through supplement ingredients that help oxidize fat, such as green tea extra, which is in BASE BURN.
    Here’s a more thorough understanding of the lipolysis process:

    Stored, dietary fats called triglycerides need to be converted into free fatty acids before they can be used as fuel for energy, and lipolysis is that process of fat breakdown, turning stored fat into free fatty acids. The three main sources of stored fat are found in adipocytes (fat cells), circulating cholesterol molecules (lipoprotein particles), and stored fat around muscle tissue (intramyocelluar lipid).

    When your energy needs increase, like when you add more exercise into your daily life, your energy stores begin to mobilize more frequently and move more stored fat to be converted into energy. During exercise, these free fatty acids become fuel. Fatty acids and glycerol molecules are freed by lipolysis, and instead of continuing to be stored and turn into fat, they are metabolized to generate energy. The result? More fat burned.

  3. Calories In vs. Calories Burned

    Diet is 80% of the fat burning battle - calories in vs. calories burned. If you decrease your caloric intake, you are able to maintain the sweet spot of fat burning - a calorie-deficit diet, where you eat less calories than you burn, which ultimately leads to weight loss. And the easiest way to eat less calories is through appetite suppression or increased satiety, which BASE BURN supports with the ingredient 5-HTP.

    In order to burn fat through dietary means, it requires a clean and healthy eating regimen, filled with slow-digesting carbohydrates, healthy fats, protein, and lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. Each individual's calorie intake will vary according to body weight and fitness regime.

    A general rule to go by when establishing a calorie deficit is to set your maintenance caloric intake, and then subtract 20% of those calories to get the total amount of calories you should consume a day for optimal fat burning. For example, if you eat 2,000 calories per day when you are maintaining your weight, reduce your calorie intake by 20%, resulting in eating 400 calories less per day. This will scale your intake to your energy needs instead of assigning an arbitrary number to achieve a certain rate of fat loss.

    Ultimately, if you provide your body with a little bit less energy (calories) than it burns everyday, it will tap into stored fat to get the additional energy, leading to fat burn.

  4. Balanced Insulin Levels

    Insulin, a hormone that determines whether fat is stored or burned, weighs into how efficiently you burn fat. BASE BURN improves your insulin sensitivity to help induce fat burning instead of fat storage.

    As protein breaks down into amino acids, dietary fats into fatty acids, and carbohydrates into glucose, insulin is released by the pancreas into the bloodstream to intercept nutrients to give to your body to use. In other words, every time you eat, your insulin level increases. After it does its job, it decreases and remains steady at a low baseline level.

    Insulin also inhibits the breakdown of fat cells and stimulates the creation of body fat, encouraging the body to store fat instead of burn it. Having an insulin imbalance makes the attempt to lose weight much more difficult, as carbohydrates turn into triglycerides (fat) through the process of lipogenesis (storing fat) instead of lipolysis (burning fat). In other words, by maintaining healthy levels of insulin through diet and exercise, your body will tend to burn fat instead of store it thanks to the processes in which insulin are involved in.

BASE BURN was designed to improve fat loss in all three areas!

BASE BURN doesn't just excel in one area of fat burning - it's a clinically proven to support all four. The non-stimulant fat burner formula improves appetite control, delivers thermogenic power, enhances lipolysis and improves insulin sensitivity, resulting in eating less and burning fat throughout the day, not just when exercising.

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