Hans-Crafted. Hans-Produced

That was the way of the old.
We're in with the new.

"Hand-crafted" and "hand-packaged" are the two most commonly misused phrases in the supplement industry. Supplements are mass-produced thanks to state-of-the-art measuring, mixing and encapsulation equipment. These words don't provide any concrete benefit to products. They are simply marketing hype meant to disguise the use of lower quality ingredients and a high price tag.

We want to introduce something new.
Something better.


Born into the nutrition supplement industry, Hans Graubard started BASE Nutrition after watching his father run a neutricuetical manufacturing company for years. As a workout and boxing enthusiast, Hans naturally grew to become passionate about the industry. He wouldn't stop working his way to perfection when it came to nutritional supplements because he knew there was a level of quality and expertise the supplement world hadn't quite seen yet. Since then, BASE has arrived on scene and has been changing the way things are done ever since.

BASE Nutrition customizes each and every formula, as well as the process in which supplements are created, thanks to its unique and specialized technology at the USA-based GMP certified facility.

See more about our blending, encapsulating, and packaging processes all done at our very own facility.